OWU Directory Help

Keyword Search

Type a search keyword into the “Enter a search keyword:” box. Use an asterisk (*) to substitute for any number of characters. When done, press Enter or click on the “Search” button to see all entries matching your criteria.

Your search is applied to both people and departments. People are matched on last name, first name, nickname, email address, department, job title, or office phone number. Departments are matched on department name. You can target your search more narrowly by preceding your search keyword with ONE of these special filter terms: isstudent, isfaculty, isstaff, isdept.

Search Filter Examples

Filter Effect Example
isstudent Limit results to students isstudent smith
isfaculty Limit results to faculty isfaculty smith
isstaff Limit results to staff isstaff smith
isdept Limit results to departments isdept chem
dirlist Show directory listing for matching department(s) dirlist bot
(none) No filter; search students, faculty, staff, and departments smith

Search Examples

Keyword Matches these entries
Smith People with a last or first name of “Smith”
*3210 People with a phone number ending in “3210”
*Services Dining Services, Information Services, etc.
C*dwell Cardwell, Caldwell, Cordwell, etc.

Department List

Choose a department from the drop down list to display a directory list for that department.

Note: Search results are limited to the first 40 matching entries under each category (people or department).


You can change your phone number or office address by going to the ADP Portal, clicking the Career tab, and choosing Work Info. You can request changes to your job title, name, and department assignment by emailing Human Resources at hr@owu.edu. You can request changes to general office or departmental information by emailing Information Services at webadmin@owu.edu.